4 Of The Best Mobile Design Trends

While you may be more concerned about the functionality of your business mobile app, the design is just as important. If you want people to make the best use of your app and use the app to create customer loyalty, it should be well-designed, and adhere to the latest design trends. Let’s look at 4 design features that this years best mobile apps will have.

1.  Minimalism

While design effects and features may be aesthetically pleasing, the pomp and show can confuse and drive away many users. It’s better to keep the application as minimal as possible, where the user does not have to look at a lot of things. Recently, many designers play with just one color palette in their apps, and the end result is simple and beautiful.


2.  Overlapping Effects

Overlapping is a key tool in building an app design that stands out, since it lets you do a lot of work in the little space you have, and makes your app look bigger and better. If you play around with colors, and try overlapping effects, your app will become eye-catching, and attractive.

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3.  Custom Illustrations

Adding custom illustrations to app designs can really make the app stand out. Not only do they allow users to interact with the application seamlessly, but also create a sense of personalization, where the user can relate to the app.


4.  Mixing Trends

With so many trends dominating the UI/UX design world, it is not possible for a designer to use just one technique to make his app eye-catching. More often than not, designers fiddle with more than one trend, and fuse two, three, or more trends together to create a dynamic, captivating, and beautiful app design. Mixing trends will be a trend itself this year.


So, these are the top trends to keep in mind while designing the user interface for your app. Whatever you do, always keep in mind that the attention span of today’s user is very short, and you need to hit it out of the park the first chance you get. Feel free to check out some examples here.