Automating a digital agencies sales process through Pipedrive

NetFusion Designs (NFS) are a Canadian based IT agency, providing support services such as Helpdesk support, Hardware, Security and Penetration Testing to mid and large organisations throughout Canada and the US.

The agency had ambitious plans to expand their offering both in terms of locations served and services offered.

The sheer number of potential prospects NFS would be targeting would have required a huge amount of time and resource in outreach, with little guarantee of success. It was therefore decided that targeted email outreach campaigns would likely allow for the most scalable outreach whilst providing the best return on investment.

The Challenge


To design a system that allowed outreach on a vast scale, whilst personalising contact information based on specific company, the prospect industry and organisation size.

We knew we had to enable an outreach strategy that could scale disproportionately to the size of the team.

The Approach


We started the project by collaboratively mapping out NFDs existing end to end sales process using Lucid Chart. We used this visual process map to identify areas which could be automated and areas that could be scaled.

The area we would achieve the biggest impact focused on crafting personalised, but scalable email campaigns. These campaigns would be segmented based on the criteria NFD determined and triggered based on activity within Pipedrive. We also identified the potential to score leads based on prospect engagement. This engagement could include email opens, links clicked and website pages visited. 

With these ideas verified, we updated the visual process map to include the proposed workflow and presented back to the NFD team. Once we had sign-off we moved to implementation.

We started with the email outreach, using the platform Outfunnel to create drip feed email campaigns which synced to data back to Pipedrive.

We then created Pipedrive workflows which allowed the team to move deals through the sales pipeline based on activity within Outfunnel. 

We developed training material for the team detailing how to create and edit email campaigns within Outfunnel, whilst also recording a series of ‘How To’ videos to be referred to as future changes may be required.


  • The new process allows NFD to outreach at an entirely new scale to their previous efforts 
  • All outreach is personalised to the individual, company, location and size.
  • The team are now alerted to any prospects who reply to any email (replies create Deals within Pipedrive automatically)
  • Prospects that do not reply, but engage in other ways are tracked and ‘scored’. This allows the team to proactively reach out to engaged prospects who may not have replied to the initial outreach.
  • This all allows the team to focus on warm leads and spend their time were it is most valuable, actually selling as opposed to chasing cold prospects.
  • NFD landed their first outreach customer on the first day of the system going live.
  • This resulted in a 650% ROI on the first day of the campaign.


“When looking for a Pipedrive Consultant we spoke to numerous providers. From the initial call Pipedrive Consultants instilled confidence that they’d be able look at our business and design a process that would allow us to scale our sales. The system they designed is far beyond our expectations, resulting in a 650% ROI on the first day of implementation! “