Building complex email journeys using Active Campaign. Allowing a high growth medi-tech company to exponentially scale personalised outreach.

HelloSelf are a fast growing, funded startup providing therapy and coaching to individuals through their website and mobile app.

Their advanced platform matches users to therapists based on the users needs and therapists qualifications. Evidence has shown HelloSelf can provide better outcomes than typical face to face counselling, whilst demand has increased since launch, the pandemic has accelerated uptake and increased demand. To match the demand for services they needed both an Active Campaign Consultant and a Pipedrive Consultant to integrate their CRM with an ambitious email marketing initiative. 

The Challenge


With HelloSelfs rapid growth the organisation needs to rapidly recruit physiologists specialising in various disciplines. 

The team were using Pipedrive as their CRM, with sales stages dedicated to outreach emails. Although Pipedrive features automations facilitating one off emails based on deal stage, it does not allow complex email journeys based prospect behaviour. Therefore the team were using deal stages to remind them when to send emails to prospects, but this required a huge amount of manual work and was unable to scale further.

Although Pipedrive have recently launched their Campaigns functionally (in beta), this feature allows users to create great looking email blasts, but is not suitable for email journeys based on user behaviour.

The Approach


Together with HelloSelf we mapped out email journeys which accounted for user action or inaction. The workflows contained conditional logic such as ‘if user reads X email, then send Y email, ‘if user replies to A email, send B’, ‘if user replies to C email, but doesn’t reply to D email in E days, send F email’. 

These email flows allow HelloSelf to send relevant information to prospects, ensuring the content is tailored to the individual based on their speciality, engagement and qualifications.

Active Campaign was selected as the platform best suited to these complex journeys as the advanced functionality would allow us to build these campaigns and automate them at scale.

As Pipedrive was the single source of truth we integrated Pipedrive with Active Campaign. The integration allowed us to trigger multiple email campaigns to be sent from Active Campaign but synced with Pipedrive, this gives the team full oversight of which emails have been sent to who, and their latest engagement. 

We were also able to create reports within Pipedrive itself showing critical statistics such as how many of X emails sent to who, within the CRM. 



HelloSelf are now able to hugely scale their outreach, allowing them to reach more professionals to keep up with the demand for their service.

Even though we’ve saved their team time (estimated at 2x full days per week!), they are now able to substantially increase their outreach, whilst ensuring the information they send is targeted and relevant to those who are receiving it.

The integration between Pipedrive and Active Campaign allows the team to trigger campaigns from within the CRM whilst retaining full oversight of results within Pipedrive. This reduces costs associated with multiple licences and allows the team to continue to work within Pipedrive which they are familiar with.