Digital Marketing Best Practice

Your customers are mobile. Are you? Today you can’t think about marketing without thinking about mobile marketing. So what is it that the best in mobile marketing do so much better than the rest? What makes the difference between people fully capitalizing on the power of mobile to grow their business and those scratching their heads as to why mobile isn’t working for them? You can find the answer to this by reading about some mobile marketing best practices. Read on.

Concise and Compelling Content

Mobile is about brevity. So you need to make sure you’re putting out the right-sized marketing content on mobile. Of course you should still strive to create quality and engaging content, but get to the point quickly. Don’t forget that your target audience is consuming your content on a small screen and they’re possibly away from their home or workplace.

This creates some challenges for business owners and mobile marketers but the smarter ones know the importance of creating the right-sized content. Content that’s concise and compelling.

Local Search

Locals searches are quite common on mobile devices. An increasing number of users use their smartphones to search locally, providing business owners and mobile marketing professionals an opportunity to captivate the local market.

Make sure that your business’ physical address, contact information and hours of operation are clearly visible on your website and app. Potential customers using local search shouldn’t have a hard time finding a way to contact you. Also make sure your mobile website is submitted to Google My Business. You could also include your website on local directories.

Location-based Sites

A lot of people choose to access social sites with their mobile devices. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to connect with targeted customers through location-based services such as Foursquare, Yelp or your own app. The location-based services are particularly valuable for restaurants, service and retail businesses.


The “where” of marketing is not the same as it used to be a decade or two ago. GPS-driven location technology has now given businesses the power to zoom in on their target audience, and vice versa. Geo-targeting, combined with location-based services is an excellent way for brands to direct their marketing messages towards highly targeted customers.

The ability to reach out to a potential customer who is in your business’ vicinity is a prime example of modern mobile marketing done right. And when you push things like digital discounts, coupons etc. via geo-marketing, you know you’re on the right mobile marketing track. It’s best that you also have an app for your business to fully leverage geo-targeting.

Ultimately, good marketing always boils down to reaching the consumer where they are, physically and emotionally. Keep the above mobile marketing best practices in mind and you’ll be doing something worthwhile with your marketing budget.