How To Promote Your App On A Budget?

We live in the age of smartphones and interactive devices, where things happen in a split second and work is done instantly. A few years ago, making an app to promote your business did not seem a very lucrative idea, but today, without an app, you don’t have a digital existence, and hence you cannot reach out to your customers effectively.

If you have an app for your business, kudos to you. But it does not just end there. What is just as important as developing an app is the right way to promote and market it. If you do not market it effectively, you may not get the ROI you would like.

Let’s look at some ways you can effectively promote your app on a small budget:

Use What You Have

Before setting up your app, you probably have a website, email address, and a few social media accounts. If you use them efficiently, you may not even need to spend a £ to market your app! Tell your existing customers about this wonderful app that you have designed just for them, and provide them with a download link on the website, as well as introduce “Download app” buttons on the social media pages.

Once people learn about your app, and read all the features it offers, downloads will start, and your app will rise among the ranks. Since most users have email apps on their phones, it is much easier to reach them by email nowadays. Whether they read the entire content or not, if you throw in a download link, and communicate its value, they will want to click it.

Set Your Target Audience

A mistake that many businesses commit is to throw their app out into the open world, expecting every single person to instantly download it and make it successful. This may seem like the right thing to do, but it isn’t. Not everyone needs or wants to use your app, so you need to reach out to the right people. Relevant, and useful content is what keeps people bonded to their screens all day.

Find out the keywords that best describe your app, and market your app based on those. Or find out the media outlets which carry out the type of marketing that fits your scenario. You need to be in loop with the industry, and see what your biggest rivals are doing to showcase their apps. Once you have all the right media in place, all you need to do is contact the relevant people, and begin your PR campaign.

Leverage Your Existing Customer Base

Once you have app downloads from existing customers you can then use this to influence more downloads.

Including a recommend a friend program is a great way grow your business with the right customer demographic. Within certain apps you can include incentivized referral programs. This allows you to encourage, and reward existing customers for recommending you to their friends. Not only can existing customers recommend your business, but they can also send vouchers to their friends, encouraging them to become customers.

This is one of the best ways to promote not only your app, but your business as a whole. Its word of mouth advertising in the digital age..

Talk About Your App

This one may seem obvious, but is still worth a mention. Once your app is live you should be shouting from the rooftops. Make sure you tell every customer that walks through your door about your app. Really encourage them to download it whilst they are with you.

Also make sure your staff are trained to talk to customers about your app. Focus on features which will be valuable to the customer, it could be a loyalty program, or vouchers or booking. Ask your staff to share your app with their friends and colleagues. Once you get into the habit of promoting your app it will become second nature, you’ll then really start seeing great results.

Advertise, Advertise, and Advertise

This is one marketing strategy that will never go out of style, come what may. A limited budget for promoting your app might stop you from trying certain new things and increasing outreach, but you have the good old advertising medium to help you spread the word. Facebook and Instagram can be good places to promote your app, where you can reach out to your desired audience at a low price. You do have to be careful as spend can increase if you start paying for Facebook ads. You can also advertise on listing websites such as Design Directory

In a nutshell, you can market your app for free or on a very small budget, and as you grow, venture into more powerful mediums of app promotion. The success of the app depends highly on the promotion strategies, and the success of the business greatly depends on how many users you can reach through your app. Feel free to contact our app development specialists and discuss your business app needs.