Implementing Pipedrive to drive sales and revenue for a high growth, fintech startup

Portfolio Insider (PI) are a Los Angeles based high growth, high tech fintech startup providing an innovative trading intelligence platform, allowing regular investors to track the shareholdings of individuals or institutions holding over $100m.

The company is on a mission to democratise market intelligence, allowing investors to monitor and make investment decisions based on real data, which previously was unobtainable.

PI came to us with an urgent need and tight turnaround time. They were launching an ambitious telemarketing office in CA within 2 weeks. Although the large office space, team and product were all well prepared, they had no method of contacting prospects, managing sales or reporting on activity.

They were committed to an intensive telemarketing campaign which would rely on a large sales team cold calling many thousands of potential prospects across the US.

The Challenge


A tight turnaround time combined with huge datasets, a large and new sales team and ambitious targets. All this with no previous experience of Pipedrive.

PI were prepared to call across the US, with a large sales team ready to pick up the phones and dial, we needed to ensure their vast datasets were accurate and formatted correctly prior to importing into Pipedrive. 

The Approach


We worked with PI to identify and confirm the high level sales process their sales agents would follow. From here we then mapped out the full sales process to ensure buy in from the team and final sign off, before moving onto implementation.

As part of this process, we identified the various technology that would be required to enable the workflow:

  • Kixie was selected as the VOIP system of choice, this decision was influenced due to the ability to make calls appear to be made from local numbers. This functionality increases the likelihood of a prospect answering the phone, resulting in more conversations and increased sales.
  • Autopilot was chosen to allow automated ‘lead shuffling’. This is functionality not possible within Pipedrive itself, but hugely valuable for PI as they new the team would be expanding rapidly and wished to reduce conflict between sales reps.

We then setup Pipedrive, matching functionality to the designed workflow. This entailed structuring the CRM with relevant custom fields, allowing the team to segment prospects based on multiple factors. These included fields such as location, lead source, email engagement, webinar sign ups and more.

PI had huge datasets containing multiple lead sources in various formats these had to be standardized before importing into Pipedrive. We used advanced Excel formulas to ensure all data appeared in a consistent format, which would allow us to import this cleanly into the CRM. We also developed custom formula enabling timezones to be generated from prospect locations, which were then mapped to custom fields within Pipedrive. This allowed the team to call East Cost prospects earlier in the day, ensuring the maximum available calling time.

As the organisation had so much data (with much of it coming from different sources), it became apparent that multiple duplicates existed between various datasets. De-dupley was integrated and configured to merge any duplicates (keeping the most recent lead as priority) which were found between leads lists. 

Once the Pipedrive workflow was configured and test data imported we then fully tested, following test leads from initial enquiry through to closed deal and on to post sale business processes.

Once acceptance tests were passed, we then imported the live leads into the CRM and assigned to the relevant sales reps.

We then trained the trainer, ensuring PI are empowered to develop their sales process further as their business develops.



PI now have a logical sales process which their rapidly expanding sales team can follow easily. This also ensures that as the team grows, new recruits are able to get started within minimal time needed to ‘learn the system’

As part of the Pipedrive setup we created a full sales reporting dashboard.  This dashboard ensures management have full oversight of their team, and their performance. Reports include monitoring activity such as number of calls made by rep, length of calls by rep, level of activity by rep, conversion reports, sales made by rep – all of these reports are editable in real time, giving the organisation full oversight of where they are performing well, and where they can improve.

Since implementing Pipedrive PI have far exceeded their ambitious launch targets. The company is growing at a staggering rate as demand for their product, combined with a highly performing sales team allow them to scale.

We continue to partner together on a long term basis, ensuring new datasets are structured correctly whilst consistently reviewing efficiencies and tweaking the CRM to enable the maximum sales performance.


“We’d decided to implement a new CRM and knew we needed a Pipedrive consultant to help us with our complex setup, both in terms of Pipedrive CRM and our lead sources. Daniel and his team have been absolute lifesavers, significantly reducing my stress. “